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rescreened at the security terminal. they have not released what the message said. >> it is an issue that is fueling debate around the world. a small florida church planning to burn the koran on september 11th. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton is condemning those plaz. reverend jones says the constitution considers his right to burn the book considered holy. he says he received death threats and now carriy iey ies >> we believe our president plays it down. we believe people are afraid of radical islam. >> these are provocative acts. they are disrespectful and intolerant. they are divisive. >>> as for president barack obama, he will mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks at the pentagon. joe biden will be on happened for events in new york and michelle obama will remember the list lost in a ceremony in pennsylvania. >>> they say the facility will have separate prayer sections. the imam writes the attention surrounding the project reflects a degree to which people carry about the american values under debate. recognition of the rights of others, toleran
were taken off and rescreened. officials have not revealed what the message said. meanwhile, protesters in los angeles clashed with police after the fatal shooting of a knife-wielding man. bottles and eggs were thrown at the police. several witnesses say the man appeared to be lunging toward a pregnant woman when he was shot. investigators promised a full investigation. so far no injuries or arrests after last night's scuffles. >> a wildfire still rooring out of control. it's score whiched now 7,000 acheers and caused more than 3500 evacuations. so far no injuries reported. reports a car crashing into a propane tank may have sparked that fire. >> 74 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the day's business news. >> and what home owners are doing nowadays to upgrade their holes. details in the "consumer alert." >> we'll update you on the navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents w
on a thai airways plane last night. the plane landed safely at lax, passengers were taken off and rescreened and officials have not released what the message said. >>> a small florida church plans to burn the koran on september 11th and it is fueling debail bait around the world. secretary of state hillary clinton is condemning those plans. kimberly suiters has details. >> not just is the secretary of state but white house and leaders top to bottom. it's kind of stunning that a 58-year-old pastor of this tiny church with 50 members down in florida could have this kind of impact in the world. listen to what he has said. >> we are going to have an international burn a koran day. >> if people should lose their life, that would be tragic. i must say that we feel must sooner or later stand up to islam. >> demonstrators in kabul afghanistan are so angry about the planned burning of the koran, they denounced the u.s. and the church has posted anti-muslim slogans on the internet and advertised a koran burning right in front of its church, the dove world outreach center coming up on the anniversary o
and police took in those passengers. every passenger had to be rescreened at the terminal. >>> sunnyvale fire investigators released this sketch of a man they say could be a firebug who's getting more daring and dangerous. someone has set 15 fires since may. many of them near old san francisco road and garland avenues. that arsonist has torched mostly dumpsters until last week when he set a car on fire with someone sleeping inside. ifeouav a hny information, call sunnyvale police. >>> new at 11:00, cell phone video of a house fire that left an already struggling trio of siblings homeless over the weekend. we shared their heartbreaking story with you at 6:00. tonight we have the iphone video of the fire that gutted their sunnyvale home. sue came back this afternoon to try and salvage a few of they are things. the 23-year-old earned custody last year from their drug-addicted mom. since then she's been juggling a full-time job and attending college. the fire, she said, is just another obstacle they'll tackle together as a family. >> it's brought us a lot closer. every time we have something that
is interviewing passengers and crew members and rescreening luggage. again, a written threat found aboard a thai airways plane in l.a. and no bomb has been found. >>> meantime, police say they are throwing rocks and setting fires at downtown l.a. the protest is over an officer who shot and killed a man with a knife on sunday afn. -- sunday afternoon. police promised a full investigation. but they say the officer acted in self-defense. no one was arrested. >> it was a scene of solidarity at the alameda county courthouse. half of the police force, roughly 70 officers showed up for the first court appearance of the suspected it gang member accused of shooting one of their own. andrew barrientos was arrested as he tried to escape into mexico. they say he wounded officer todd young during a task force operation. he was working undercover and he never proclaimed he was a cop. >> that's not true. i am not going to released information on the investigation, but in trial we will prove it. >> officer young is still in a drug-enduced coma and faces more surgery. barrientos did not enter a plea today. >>> h
taken off and rescreened at a security terminal. officials have not released what the message said. >>> nasa is helping the global effort to rescue chilean miners trapped beneath the earth. they shared their knowledge to help the 33 trapped miners. the doctors offered their expertise helping rescuers make sure the trapped men were receiving proper medical and psychological treatment. it may be a challenge getting the men out of the mine. there are also concerns about what happens after they are free. >> they will, in their own right, have a certain celebrity status, within their country. there will be a lot of pressures put upon them. >> it could be four months before the miners are finally rescued and freed. >> hermine has been downgraded to a tropical depression. it is still causing damage in texas have the parts of the state got hit by heavy rain. a number of homes were damaged and tens of thousands were left without power. even more rain is expected today. tom, we've been watching hermine for the last couple of days. i guess this didn't surprise you that it got downgraded at th
. the passengers were taken off and rescreened at a security terminal. at this point officials have not released what the message said. >> the man accused of shooting at a bethesda woman is in a pennsylvania jail this morning. joshua prince turned himself over to police in pennsylvania yesterday. that's about 50 miles north of harrisburg. officers say he fired at his ex-girlfriend in the garage of a bethesda complex where they both live. the woman noz not hurt. she filed a protective order against him last week. >>> this morning police are looking for the man who stole several guns in a home invasion in the 5200 block of dos dors et avenue. a man knocked on the back door and forced his way in. he stole four guns an ammunition before taking off. three people, including a 101-year-old manwise inside at the time. they are all okay. >>> a body recovered off the coast of ocean city has been identified as amissing man from the district. delgado was swimming when a rip current swept him away. coast guard crews called off the search. the delaware tv station says it was discovered off the shore and the m
was due to take off from los angeles. the flight was searched and passengers were rescreened. no bomb was found. there was a two-hour delay for the passengers. >>> pg&e faces a hefty fine for the death of one of the workers. 26-year-old max martinez was electrocuted in march while working on an underground vault. part of the investigation revealed that protection for safety for the employees was lacking. pg&e has been fined more than $170,000. pg&e has 15 days to decide if it will appeal. >>> a south bay community group surveyed 1800 parishoners and said too many were stopped without cause. >> we expect you to hire a person who has a proven track record of dealing with problems of racial profiling and traps between law enforcement and the immigrant community. >> one of those who said he was stopped was a parish priest who said he was intimidated by the officers. >>> our time is 5:57. the organizers of the beta breakers announced new rules to tone down the party atmosphere at the race. they are banning alcohol and floats at the next race scheduled in may, but they plan to throw out peo
angeles. the plane was searched and passengers were rescreened. >>> a hefty fine for pg&e for the death of an employee. 26-year-old max martinez was electrocuted in march while working on an underground vault. part of the investigation from osha revealed a lack of safety inspection for employees. the you -- utility has 15 days to decide to appeal. >>> let's go back to sal for the latest on traffic. >> the traffic on the bay bridge is backing up. there is a bug on our lens as well. that is besides the point. traffic is backing up. moving along and taking a look at 880 north and south in oakland. foggy there. if you are driving in livermore valley, not a big back up. a bit of slowing coming in at 580 and 238 with a crash there. watch for slowing in that area. 238 especially. let's go to steve. >>> thank you. lots of fog as you saw there. local drizzle and drizzle will be with us nights and mornings. temperatures are 50s and 60s. sun for a while. sunny and mild and muggy. 60s and 70s. low to mid-80s. the weekend forecast is coming up. >>> time is 6:56. breaking news. this is coming in n
at around age 55 and they have a nice, low psa, if you rescreen them all later in life, you will save one life, and on the other hand, cause many, many moreen
rescreened but no bombs were found. that flight, however, was delayed for about two hours. >>> well, police now think a man was upset and distraught about his mother's health before he shot a doctor and then killed had his mother and himself at the world-famous johns hopkins hospital. he was being briefed when he pulled out a gun and shot the surgeon in the stomach. police say the suspect barricaded himself in his mother's room for two hours. it ended after he shot and killed his 84-year-old mother and then killed himself. that wounded doctor is expected to survive. >>> twenty minutes before 9:00. it's a surprising twist in the store rif of a washington state woman with acid burns on her face. police now say she made up the whole story about someone throwing acid at her. they say 28-year-old bethany storror admitted yesterday that she dismiged her own -- disfigured her own face. it's still not clear why. police spent hundreds of hours on the case. prosecutors will decide whether they will press charges to file a false report. >>> we're about to tell you about trouble with a business in the
with a low psa level, if you rescreen them, in other words, if you scrn them again later in life, you will save one of their lives. just one of their lives. and you will probably cause many, many more of them to have problems likein being incontine and impotent. worth it on is, is it to screen a man twice if he seems to be okay the fie rst ti because you'll save one life out of 25,000 but you will also upset other lives in the process. so it's a tough decision. >> right. if you have a low psa should you get screened again? >> exactly. that's the bottom line. that is sovmething that every mn will have to talk to his doctor about. everybody s a different tolerance for risk. everybody will look at these i differently. i wrote a whole column about this because it really is a dilemma. if y go to my twitter page you'll see a link to that column. i hopet really helps men make that decision with their doctors. it's not an easy one. >> this is new on me. i have not heard about this psa test. if they get that checked is that okay? if some men never do it, is that okay? >> some men choose never
angeles airport. passengers were rescreened after someone strcribbled a message o an airport mirror. the plane was searched and, again, the fbi is looking into this incident. >>> angelina jolie tours pakistan to encourage flood relief. she spent most of her time speaking to some of the afghan refugees affected by the disaster. but she also visited with aid workers about their needs for food and medicine. within the hour, sanjay gupta who just returned from pakistan himself is talking to jolie via satellite. she watched him tell one heartbreaking story after another about the flood disaster. hear their discussion at 8:20 eastern. >>> 55 days to go until the midterms. republicans stand to make significant gains, shifting the balance of power in the house of representatives. do democrats have enough time to turn the tide? if republicans take control, what's their plan to make the economy better? we're going to be speaking about this with bob schrum and david frum in just a moment. [ female announcer ] when you're living with bipolar depression...'s easy to feel like you're... ...
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13